Online Meditation Course

Learn How To Meditate In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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About the Course

Join Katie Garnett for a 6 week Meditation Course that will demystify the practice of meditation. This course is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to be able to guide yourself in your own home meditation practice. This practice draws information from ancient traditions such as Yoga and Buddhism however it will be presented in a secular (non-religious) manner so that it is accessible for all.

During the course you will:

  • Learn the difference between relaxation and meditation
  • Explore the three different types meditation (including mindfulness)
  • Learn tips and tricks to start a home meditation practice
  • Practice different ways to sit for meditation to ensure you’re comfortable
  • Uncover how this ancient practice helps to strengthens your brain
  • Discover the scientific evidence-based benefits of a regular meditation practice
  • Learn how the brain waves change during meditation
  • Explore how meditation can benefit and deepen your relationships
  • Discover how meditation can improve your quality of life
  • Deepen your understanding of your own purpose and values are integral in providing meaning and direction in your life
  • Practice breathing technques for quietening the mind and preparing it for meditation
  • Practice a variety of meditation practices
  • Learn how to implement these practices at home.

What else is included:

  • You will be provided with worksheets and homework to support your learning. It is expected that you complete a daily meditation practice throughout this course. Only 10 minutes per day is suitable.
  • Measures will be used at the start and completion of the course to track any changes your wellbeing over the course.
  • You will be provided with access to a number of KatieYoga online meditations to use over the year to support an ongoing home practice.
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